About Leticia

Leticia: derived from the Latin word laetitia meaning “happiness” or “joy”.

Follower of Jesus Christ.

Born and raised in the tiniest United State.

Wife to an awesome husband who she often describes as “something else”.

B.-to-the A. in Creative Writing and English.

Sings into hairbrushes and talk to herself and all that.

Will occasionally cure a bad day by narrating her thoughts in a Bridget Jones voice. Makes everything seem less overwhelming.

About Chará Even If

Dear Person:

If you missed the link on the homepage, and are wondering what the heck Chará is, click here.

If you already have the scoop on Chará, then it’s time that you knew that Even If is a declaration.

It is regardless of. It is nevertheless. It is in spite of.

Even If is a declaration.

Even If is the truth when we need it the most.

Because the truth is that Chará (joy) comes from God as our source, and we have the ability to rejoice no matter the circumstance.

In 2 Corinthians 6, the apostle Paul is writing to the church in Corinth and he lists the many ways that we can see a person is a true minister of God. In verse 10 he says that they are “sorrowful, yet always rejoicing”.

I am only recently truly learning that you can still rejoice (feel or show great joy/delight) even if the situation is sad or hard or infuriating. This is being joyful in hope; the joy of what’s to come. My personal not-so-secret, secret: I have not perfected this.

But this blog —Chará Even If — represents a journey that myself (and others) are on to try to achieve this one mess/heartbreak/unanswered question/problem/breakdown at a time.

So I pray you’ll Like/Subscribe/Follow and gain something. I pray you’ll Share it with the people you know in hopes that they’ll gain something also. However, Even If you don’t, I pray that one day you’ll make the decision to declare Chará over your own life no matter the circumstance.